iTNo · The Reverse Proxy
This version is technically speaking a beta version, but is stable enough to so that it can be used in a production environment.
Changes since the last full release

v3.07c 2022-11-03

  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v3.0.7

v3.07b 2022-09-03

  • New: Generic Proxy One-Size-Fits-All (OSFA)
  • New: Support for client-based ALPN
  • Chg: Show country of connecting ip address

v3.07a 2022-02-16

  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v3.0.2

v3.07 2022-02-16

  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v3.0.1
  • Chg: TLS RC4-MD5 and RC4-SHA is no longer supported

v3.06b 2021-12-20

  • Chg: Windows 2000 is no longer supported

v3.06a 2021-08-27

  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.1l

v3.06 2021-02-09

  • New: Partial support for multipart/form-data in Classic ASP Emulation
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.1i

v3.05d 2020-07-23

  • Chg: Realm for Digest Authentication is persistent

v3.05c 2020-06-01

  • New: Proxy Route with optional port and TLS
  • Fix: Stalling of large Uploads using HTTP/2

v3.05b 2020-04-17

  • New: Support for CGI environment REMOTE_USER und AUTH_TYPE
  • Fix: Microsoft-IIS/5.0 sends unmotivated "100 Continue"

v3.05 2020-02-03

  • Chg: DNS query with NXDOMAIN and CNAME against Windows DNS server

v3.04b 2019-11-06

  • Chg: Terminate with ESCAPE and SPACE when running as a console application
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.1d
  • Fix: Error message for a failed TLS connection
  • Fix: Forward proxy with a half-open TLS connection

v3.04a 2019-05-15

  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.1b
  • Fix: Restart when SNI certificate changed

v3.04 2019-02-03

  • Support for HTTP/2 and ALPN (TLSServALPNHTTP2=True)

v3.03g 2018-12-04

  • New: Support for RFC 7232 ETag
  • New: Detect and use IPv6 DNS server
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.1a

v3.03f 2018-09-25

  • New: Support for RFC 8446 TLS 1.3
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.1

v3.03e 2018-07-22

  • New: Detect forwarding loop with upstram proxy or direct delivery
  • New: NTLM Authentication

v3.03d 2018-06-09

  • New: Basic and Digest Authentication
  • Fix: SNI failed to select the main certificate
  • Fix: Keep ASP Session ID during a redirection

v3.03c 2018-05-30

  • New: Support for RFC 7233 Range Requests

v3.03b 2018-05-03

  • New: Deny by Country
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.0h

v3.03a 2018-03-26

  • New: Cache Server Side Include (SSI)
  • New: Add and delete header by ID

v3.03 2018-02-17

  • Fix: URL with a dot at the end

v3.02c 2017-11-15

  • New: Support for HTTP/1.0
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.0g

v3.02a 2017-08-12

  • New: Support for Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
  • New: Support for Server Side Include (SSI)
  • New: Support for Classic ASP Emulation (ASPToVBS)

v3.01d 2017-08-01

  • New: RFC 6797 HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
  • New: Support for HTTP/1.0
  • Fix: SNI compare host name with CN

v3.01c 2017-05-22

  • New: Headerline X-Client-IP,X-Client-Host,X-Client-Country
  • New: Support for Let's Encrypt well-known files
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.0e
  • Fix: Optional startup delay failed in rare cases

v3.01 2017-02-27

  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.0d

v3.00g 2016-12-01

  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.0c
  • Fix: SSLv2 Compatible ClientHello with EC based ciphersuites and Curve 25519

v3.00f 2016-10-20

  • New: Adaptation for Windows 2016 and Windows 10
  • Chg: SSLv3 is no longer supported
  • Chg: RC4-MD5 and RC4-SHA is no longer supported for inbound connections
  • Chg: Exe signed with SHA256, signature only valid on Windows 2008 R2 and above

v3.00e 2016-09-26

  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.0b

v3.00d 2016-09-24

  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.0a

v3.00c 2016-09-08

  • Direct Delivery

v3.00b 2016-08-10

  • New: Optional a new default page

v3.00a 2016-08-01

  • Released
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