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MTA Backup Service

Why do I need a backup MX?

MTA Backup Service provides a secondary mail server to queue your e-mail in the case your main XWall goes offline. Once your main XWall is back online, your mail will be delivered to you.

Why can't I use the backup MX of my ISP?

Usually your ISP provides a backup MX for you. This works great until you enable Greylisting and wonder why Greylisting does not work.

The reason is that Greylisting is not enabled on your backup MX and the spammer simply sends all spam over the backup MX, effectively bypassing Greylisting.

The solution is to enable Greylisting on the backup MX. However, not every ISP support Greylisting and this is where our MTA Backup Service steps in.

After enabling your domain you get a backup MX hostname that point to a XWall which has Greylisting enabled. Thereafter you change your DNS the new backup MX and from then on MTA Backup Service acts as your backup MX.

Due that you control the DNS records, you can step back at any time, by simply changing back the MX records.

How secure is the MTA Backup Service?

MTA Backup Service supports TLS/SSL inbound and outbound and this means that all traffic between the MTA Backup Service and your XWall is encrypted.

What is the price for the MTA Backup Service?

The MTA Backup Service is free for the first month and thereafter it starts at 199 per year, depending on your message volume.

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