AirSyncFilter · The Phone Proxy

v3.12 2022-02-16

  • New: URL permissions (URLPerm)
  • New: Prevent Android Ping-Sync-Loop (PingSyncLoopDelay=60)
  • New: Signal->Statistic
  • New: Show connected devices (View->Statistic, View->Connections)
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v3.0.1
  • Chg: TLS RC4-MD5 and RC4-SHA is no longer supported
  • Chg: Windows 2000 is no longer supported
  • Fix: Delete temp files before waiting for Exchange

v3.11 2021-02-09

  • OpenSSL updated to v1.1.1i

v3.10 2020-02-03

  • New: Rule to prevent SmartForward and SmartReply
  • New: Rules to prevent add of common items
  • New: Country of the device is logged
  • New: Cache DNS PTR
  • Chg: Terminate with ESCAPE and SPACE when running as a console application
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.1d
  • Chg: Optimized Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTPS)
  • Fix: Device with several change/delete rules
  • Fix: void-device with change/delete/add rules
  • Fix: Error message for a failed TLS connection
  • Fix: Autodiscover using Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer

v3.09 2019-02-03

  • New: Support for RFC 8446 TLS 1.3
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.1a

v3.08 2018-02-17

  • New: Rule to prevent Sync
  • New: Support for Server Name Indication (SNI) for server certificate
  • New: Support for HTTP/1.0
  • Fix: Optional startup delay failed in rare cases
  • Fix: Device "void-device" is covered like any other real DeviceId
  • Chg: TLS as server enforce highest possible cipher (needed to get an A at
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.0g

v3.07 2017-02-27

  • New: For DNS query in IPv6 environment use two queries rather than one, e.g. A and AAAA instead of ALL (DNSQueryTweak=False)
  • New: Logfile shows the response of Exchange
  • New: Support for Via header line
  • New: Adaptation for Windows 2016 and Windows 10
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.0e
  • Chg: SSLv2 and SSLv3 is no longer supported
  • Chg: RC4-MD5 and RC4-SHA is no longer supported for inbound connections
  • Fix: HTTP on port 80 requested TLS
  • Fix: Close connection when an HTTP/1.0 client like WGET demands it
  • Fix: MBAdmin wrote INI in wrong directory after a common dialog changed the current directory
  • Fix: INI entry with a semicolon in a quoted string
  • Fix: Certificate files in combo list
  • Fix: CERT directory was not created at startup

v3.06 2016-01-22

  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.0.2e

v3.05 2015-02-04

  • New: Support for Server Name Indication (SNI)
  • New: Support for Outlook AnyWhere (RPC over HTTPS) as reverse proxy
  • New: Support for Public Suffic List (
  • New: Adaptation for Windows 10
  • Chg: zLib updated to v1.2.8
  • Chg: Rule RE200 to RE500, RE200 is now Prevent FolderSync of mail folders
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.0.1j
  • Fix: Windows 8 Mail App uses a different header line
  • Fix: Close connection when Nagios performs a check

v3.04 2014-02-22

  • New: Rule to prevent Ping and Push
  • New: Scheduler for rules
  • Chg: Disable QuickEdit-Mode when running as a console application
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.0.1f
  • Fix: Windows 8 Mail App uses a different header line

v3.03 2013-01-15

  • New: Support for X-TransactionID header line
    (helps Outlook 2013 Preview connecting to Exchange 2010)
  • Fix: Disable TLS/SSL cipher DES-CBC-SHA
  • Fix: TLS with more than one intermediate certificate shows wrong status

v3.02 2012-08-06

  • New: Device "void-device" for a device that is not defined; allows rules for unknown devices
  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v1.0.1c
  • Chg: Outbound TLS connection use TLSv1, omit SSLv2, and reconnect with SSLv3 when TLSv1 fails
  • Fix: Create account with Android can't use gzip
  • Fix: Unnecessary restart when timezone changes
  • Fix: Device without a group had no rule

v3.01 2011-12-05

  • New: Rules to prevent delete and change of common items
  • New: Compiled with ASLR (address space randomization) and NX (no execution)
  • Fix: Demo days at midnight
  • Fix: Inbound HTTP optimized for faster accepting new connections
  • Fix: Inbound connection manager stopped when out of resources

v3.00 2011-07-22

  • Release
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